Trenton Refrigeration’s Limitrol+ a fundamentally different Head Pressure Control System

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Trenton Refrigeration’s Limitrol+ a fundamentally different Head Pressure Control System

limitrol header

limitrol header

Introducing Limitrol+, a major leap forward in commercial refrigeration.

“Conventional head pressure control systems maintain a constant head pressure regardless of ambient temperatures. Limitrol+ intelligently responds to ambient conditions to float head pressure without sacrificing system performance at lower temperatures.”

Vince Zolli, Trenton Refrigeration’s Head of Engineering and leader of the Limitrol+ development team says the new system is fundamentally different from previous systems.

“Limitrol+ functions in much colder ambient environments where previous systems have proven ineffective in eliminating the concept of condenser flooding.”

So how does Limitrol+ work?

Essentially Limitrol+ combines a variety of modern technologies into a responsive system that floats head pressure. The result is a system that saves energy and substantially reduces environmental impact through reduced refrigerant use.

Trenton Refrigeration’s Marketing & Customer Service Manager Tim Charlick says Limitrol+ has a distinct advantage over competitive systems.

“Unlike competitive systems, Limitrol+ combines variable speed EC motor technology, condenser portioning and various systems modifications to provide the ultimate combination of performance and control.”

Limitrol+ is ideally suited for and most effective in environments with fluctuating ambient temperatures. Suitable for condensing units over 5 HP, Limitrol+ is perfect for installations where reduced refrigerant charges are desired or required.

Already implemented across a variety of Trenton Refrigeration products, the Trenton Refrigeration team believe that patent-pending Limitrol+ is a game changing system that will continue to drive their industry leading company towards a broader customer base and greater market share.

Click here to find out more about Limitrol+ and how this innovative and leading edge technology can help you save money and reduce environmental impact in your refrigeration applications.