Watch Our Energy Calculator Tutorial Series

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Watch Our Energy Calculator Tutorial Series

Trenton Energy Calculator Tutorials Blog 01

Trenton Energy Calculator Tutorials Blog 01

Discover Your Energy Savings Today!

Our new Energy Calculator can help you with your ROI calculations based on your equipment selections. Adding options from our Smart3 suite of energy saving technologies can enhance these savings. Compare multiple condensing units, multiple evaporators or complete systems to create various choices to use as part of your proposals and submittals.

Follow our 5 easy-to-follow tutorial videos then try it out at

Our first video shows you how to set your location and add a condensing unit:

Follow along the second video to add a second condensing unit and compare energy use:

Continue on to the third video to learn how to add an evaporator:

In the fourth video you’ll learn how to create systems and compare energy use:

Watch the fifth video to calculate your potential ROI for systems:

Now you’re an expert on using the Trenton Energy Calculator to estimate energy use and costs based on your specific area. Thanks for watching!

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